4 listopada 2011

WHAT A HEAVEN dress story

As I mentioned last session was different from previous ones.However every session is unique and brings additional ideas. .I am wearing a dress that is my idea. It was designed in three different colors. This one is called WHAT A HEAVEN. If you like it write in the comments. It's free to say a word. Fortunately we have a weekend. Busy weekend. I can't wait. Enjoy !

Photo by: Patrycja Toczynska

1 listopada 2011


Small announcement of the next post. This time it was a little different because we did not shoot in the field.On hand I have an amazing bracelet. I am very fascinated, surely I will say a few words about its author. Additionally, Patricia is the recognition of photography, in the next sessions will certainly use the Nikon D 700 that we received for testing. Stay in touch and follow us on facebook.

Photo by: Patrycja Toczynska